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Our idea came about in 2012 after our little city of Derry was awarded the 2013 City of Culture.


After we were awarded the title, we set out to produce an array of products for tourists to pick up and take home with them, (always keeping in mind the target would be to promote our wee city with every product sold) 

To our surprise the city locals took kindly to the images and have purchased and sent them around the world to all the people from the city who are living away from home. Its only then we realised the amount of dearly missed family members that are acually living and working away from home! So for this we're proud to give those homesick people a taste from home, away from home.


Our proudest moment to date came when the Mayor of Derry contacted to congragulate us on our works and let us know they would be decorating the mayors parlour with a few of our city pieces and also

presenting one to Former President Bill Clinton when he visited the city in March 2014.

This was something we never would have guessed when starting out!! Proud to say the least. 


What we do now is offer a complete photography and design service with production and professional execution.

 Delivering original work led by ideas, creative thinking and years of experiance, always considering branding and digital content if necessary, all acomplished with with our high-end professional standard equipment and setup.


So please feel free to browse our galleries and drop an email if you have a question or would like a quote on any of our product range.


Kind regards,



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